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Jolie Boyle

Jolie is a brown belt under Daniel Lewis of Saint Albans Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Daniel is a first degree black belt under Nick Brooks of Mill Hill BJJ. 
Jolie has an enhanced DBS check to allow her to teach children. She is also insured as well as the Southend bjj club being registered under the UK Brazilian Jiu Jitsu association (UKBJJA). 
As well as teaching BJJ, Jolie is also a 4th dan black belt in kickboxing under Frank Bowen of BIKMA. 

Jolie is insured under Martial Guard to teach women and children, both kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

Jolie has had an extensive competition career and her achievements include:
Brown belt
2021 English silver medalist 
2020 European silver medalist
2019 Pan American absolute champion 
2018 Dublin No Gi Champion
2018 World master bronze medalist
2018 British National No Gi champion

Purple belt
2017 European master champion & absolute champion 
2017 European silver medalist 
2016 World master bronze medalist
2016 NAGA champion London
2016 Rome absolute champion
Blue belt
2014 World master champion
2014 European No Gi Champion & silver absolute
2014 Rome champion & Absolute champion
2013 world master silver medalist 
2013 British champion

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